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Our system is eclectic in that it is composed of multiple styles of martial arts and diverse skills. It is not eclectic in the normal use of the word in the martial arts industry, which generally refers to a “best elements” homogenization of styles, as interpreted and organized by some individual or group who desire to create a “new” system of training.

In our school, the two formal, integrating curricula are each comprehensive systematized presentations of multiple complete systems of training, which offer the student the ability to experience and assimilate all possible martial concepts within a dynamic structure.

Through thirty years of rigorous research and compilation, this unique system has logically blended fifteen hundred years of martial arts history and training with cutting-edge cognitive and motor learning theory. The excellence and elegance of the repertoire of skills taught reflects the dedication and the singular achievements of each master in the lineage of our styles. We shall try to honor their past efforts with our own dedication to the training and our commitment to all our students.

Curriculum Skills:

Complete Open Hand and Foot Skills:
Tae kwon do, Karate, Kung Fu, Okinawa Te

Close-quarter self-defense and grappling techniques:
Judo, Jiujitsu, Hapkido, Aikido

Internal martial styles:
Tai Chi, Chi Kung

Weapons training:
Long staff, short staff, broadsword, knife, rope, chain, tiger fork, monkey staff, and others

Concentration, meditation, and contemplation exercises for self-development, self-direction, and self-control of the mind

Twelve different breathing methods are learned between beginning and advanced levels of skill. These breathing techniques are the essential integrating functions linking the physical/physiological changes with the mental development.

Supplementary: Although not a part of the general curricula, students may request assistance through the training with health issues, diet, cross-training and sport-related goals, supplementary resistance exercise programs, stress alleviation, repatterning, and a variety of other possible interests the student may wish to address through the system.

Curriculum Benefits:

  • Both aerobic (cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary) and anaerobic (power/strength) conditioning
  • Increase in power, strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Improved balance, agility, grace, and coordination
  • Bodyweight normalization (either weight loss or gain as appropriate)
  • Self-discipline and self-control
  • Stress-reduction and stress-management
  • Optimized physical and mental development
  • Integration of mind and body
  • Physiologically correct and safe stretching techniques


Several seminar series and specialty classes are offered, including but not limited to:

  • Five-part pragmatic self-defense series
  • Breathing and meditation seminars
  • Specialty weapons classes (sword; spear; chain; monkey staff; short, intermediate and long hardwood staff; tiger fork; plum blossom knife)
  • Vital points
  • Sport-specific training methods
  • Martial arts resuscitation techniques
  • Sum-yi chi kung
  • Semi-annual health promotion seminars

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