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Welcome to Blankenship Martial Arts!

Our school has always had one purpose:   to help every student achieve their individual goals and realize their full potential.

We acknowledge that people come to martial arts training with a wide variety of goals: fitness and health; self-defense; stress-reduction and meditation; self-discipline and self-control; sport-specific cross-training; and self-actualization.

We provide a training environment which offers a level of intellectual and physical challenge appropriate for every individual student and which will allow each student to generalize the training to address any personal goal.

While we maintain a safe and intelligently designed curriculum, there is enough rigor and pragmatism to satisfy the most demanding athlete or defense-oriented student. We expect each entering student to differ in level of physical conditioning, from completely untrained to highly fit, and in experience, from absolute beginner to multiple expert ratings, so we mold the training program to be appropriate for each student. We believe that the training should be of a type and seriousness transposable to the real-world environment, but we also believe that the student should be able to enjoy and feel safe in the discipline.

Our school exists only to provide a structure and a paradigm for personal growth and achievement. It is a place which creates success, and it helps the student to always extend beyond his/her current capabilities.

Our school provides a feeling of camaraderie and support as it builds autonomy and self-reliance. Our mission is to make it a special place in the world - unique in its traditions of excellence, integrity, and community.

Please peruse our website for more information about our philosophy, curriculum, and history.  Always feel free to contact us for more information at  (512) 452-3618

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